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Fall Asleep to Regret

by Dead By Sunday

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    Dead By Sunday were a crucial cog in the Flint, Michigan independent music scene from 1999-2003. They played an urgent style of emo/punk/hardcore that had all of the hallmarks that bands eras later would emulate. Blending clean and intense vocals with energetic guitars and a rhythm section that felt like it could have propelled a cannon, Dead By Sunday were truly ahead of their time. It's time to give them their due and for the world to discover a band it never knew.

    "Fall Asleep to Regret" is the band's entire discography, remixed/remastered by Marc Hudson (Saves the Day, Against Me, Taking Back Sunday).''

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I’m driving faster than I’m used to this time, the highway drives me backwards from myself. This seems harder the further I go. If change it for the better, better change my mind. I feel no air from this broken heater, waiting for the time I see her staring back at me. Talking to yourself while I have nothing to regret, except the conversations that I never had. When you drive away, driving across town, you practice on yourself. Your eyes are tired, but so are mine. Your feet up against the windshield, my eyes are tired. My eyes are tired, but so are yours. Let’s shake the dust from off this godforsaken town. Your eyes are tired, but so are mine. Mexico’s too far.
Mark it Zero 02:05
How many times will you get shot down? The cold is ripping out my insides. How many times do you believe in what you’re thinking? The cold is ripping out my insides. Suffer for decisions. Suffer for reactions. This is still the only thing I want. Nothing left to give. Will you remember any of this when I’m gone.
Please say nothing. Please say never. This is artificial when I watch you sleep. Drowning in the river. This is my confession; it’s written on the ledger. I hope that you will find it. This is artificial when I watch you breathe. I wanted you to tell me. This is my confession; it’s scribbled on the ledger. I hope you’ll understand. Breathe through my resource. Build a wall around my heart.
Face down, in the mud. That’s twice, but never again. You’re not the one. This is the last goodbye. Understand that we’re through. Move on. Forget all we had. You stabbed my back but that’s alright. You will never change it. You’re not the one for me. All we had. Here we are now. Across the pond and through the yard, here we are now. Will you see right through it? Here we are now.
You have to think about it. You’re changing, you’re changing for yourself. Just keep my hands from shaking. I need to hear your voice, before I slit your throat at the bus station downtown. He says he’s leaving, so far away. To get away. She’ll drown you. Pressure. Sometimes I just feel so far away. Even now I feel like nothing can last forever. Slit my wrists for every time that I had to say goodbye. I could tell myself I’m fine, but I don’t think I want to.
Niagara Fell 05:21
Look away. You have some faith in me, but you cry yourself asleep. Force your intentions on the weak at heart. I just looked away. Sound this emergency. Slow down, you’re much too fast. The week has been devastating. Sometimes I try too hard. It’s hard to cure regret when I can’t look in your eyes. Please just look away. Please don’t expect me back cause things will never change.
Count to Six 03:42
So, you tried to tell me that you wouldn’t be back on Monday. Trigger defenses because you tried to hide it. There’s a war between us and a fall below us. Gather children closer. False reactions cause reactions to fall into my head. So, you tried to warn me you wouldn’t be back. Honest questions. How you try to answer. There’s a false reaction to a real solution. And a false presumption…war. Forget the idea of what you said. Miles away, I’ll never forget the day you ran away. Now I stand here trying to catch some sleep before I die. Miles away, I’ll never forget the day you ran away. Now I stand here trying to forget the day you ran away.
Self Defense 04:54
Believe me. Sincerity breaks us down and caused us to drown. We picked up the pieces, pretend it tricks us again. Be prepared for a face you’ve never seen before. A side that won’t unturn. It’s effective. When I talk to you, I hang my head and think it’s in your head. What’s in your head? Relation? It’s now or never. I can’t pretend again. I feel the ceiling caving in. I’ve got this phone chord wrapped around my neck. God how I wish you were dead.
Song Six 03:52
Cuts me through and never lets me go. Stand back and take a breath. You’re drowning in your sorrows. Stand up and take a step. Walk with me until tomorrow. First impressions always last, but it takes more to keep it going. Sometimes your reflection cuts deeper than a knife. As I dream about you, tossing through the night. It cuts deeper. It cuts me through.
It’s cold outside but you won’t let me in. Isolation takes its toll when your forced to be alone. The nights are colder still when there’s nobody at home. This is less than perfect. I’m cut off at the seams. I don’t think you’ll ever understand just what you did to me.
Invoice 03:48
Half sheets only. The poets write the saddest songs. I coined the phrase. Cold eyes. Half sheets only. I pushed the envelope. I coined the phrase. Cold eyes. Goodbye Starlight.
Eraser 05:03
This could be anything. I bet this could be something. This could be my everything. Or this could be nothing. Eraser. You remind me of myself when I was just a kid. You gave me all you had, now I give it back to you. Eraser. This reminds me of a time when I was just a kid.
If I could take it back, I’m torn on shards of glass. And your breath is still cold. You’ve got the scars to prove it. My chest isn’t moving anymore. How much longer will this last? If I could take it back. I’m sorry for all I’ve done. There’s nothing like a fresh snow to mask this dirty rotten town. Nothing can save you now. Your future’s in a glass.
Redemption 08:48
Hey now, redemption. Take this moment, lock it in your mind. Open blind eyes, see what you have done. Breathe through swollen lungs, breathe the air that kills you. Everything you’ve built up will come crumbling down and fall unto your feet. Hey now, redemption. You have scarred me; you have made me strong. Take away my dreams; you’ve taken everything. Your lies won’t work, I’ve heard them all before. Every lie you’ve built up will come crashing down and bury you alive. Hey now, redemption.
Untitled 05:04
Suffocated thinking. I build you up. I’ve been treading water. Useful information, I use what I’ve been told. Decide whose side you’re on. Justify my reasons, reluctant to explain. I’ve been treading water. Could I return to your house? I barely remember. Decide whose side you’re on. Resistance. Try to find a reason to keep my heart from bleeding. Try some reasons to keep my heart from beating.


released December 9, 2022


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