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by Overo

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The Dead 01:49
Ink on the skin again to remember what you want to forget. But they'll never breathe again no matter how close you get. I learned to live with panic deep beneath my lungs. Unfamiliar roadways connected me to flatlined pulses and you. Oh God, the blood lines stretched for miles, but there was nothing I could do. I waited for the song to end so I could finally scream with my most desperate sound--this is our town. Ink on the skin again so I won’t forget. Ink on the skin again. We won't forget. I learned to live with panic deep beneath my lungs. That night trauma gave me a home, but I still lost a piece of my soul.
You change you change you change. Why can't you stay the same? You stay you stay you stay. Why can't you stay away? I still think about our make believe constellations-- “the papery hands,” “the gnarled branch,” “the tendril in the night.” I don’t know if you remember any of this. Just a moment in another sky that was too cluttered, too bright. If only I could forget everything about you.
Pact 03:11
When I die I hope I'm alone. I was too young when I sold my soul. I carried the cross into the room. I wore incense as my first perfume. When I die I hope I’m alone. I was too young when I sold my soul. Since then I’ve lived in silence watching wind eat away my skin while waiting for the end. This is how I learned to doubt my life of useless lungs. Somewhere in this bonehouse I live. But I’m all alone. And I sold my soul.
Summer Wheat 04:18
We once lay in summer wheat making promises we couldn’t keep. A lifetime used to feel long. We said that we’d stay that way. But you changed right before my eyes.
Interlude 00:52
[...] the brain is really reaching. I see it, bloody [...] whitish. The layer of skull then skill like a geological map. The brain in itself like a person is thinking it’s made progress getting out but it’s sitting there motionless. It has no way of enacting its will. I want to reach my thumb and squinch into it. [...] I feel a little disturbed but also glad. I still myself perfectly before myself, the sitting and skin peeled. My skull missing a chunk. Now I kick myself in the neck but my foot comes out past it like I don’t believe myself. [...]
Put me in the middle of the place we used to be But we have an ocean between us. The forest is cold here. A canopy of pine and black oak blankets the mountains. The fog hasn’t lifted as I go to the lake, and let the water suspend me. I swear this spot once meant everything; I lived for that feeling. but now I feel nothing, and that makes me terrified. Put me in the middle.
Dark Eyes 02:19
Most days I feel like I’m going to plummet. I hear your mouth saying words right into my ears. I never forget that I live in a void that doesn’t even notice that I’m here. I hear you in my head all the time, but I never get to see you with my eyes. We are the voice that shouts back at the void. I can't see light with these dark eyes.
Diffraction 02:52
We amalgamate with grace-- like shadow puppets. All this beauty from filtered light and dust-- like a piece of us. I don’t think I can take it.
Joseph 03:44
The ground is cold. You’re home now. We put a blanket on you. I didn't understand the power of my hands till I scratched your head on that September day. Later, I couldn’t breathe when I saw the line outside waiting just to say goodbye. How could that thing sleeping in a casket once be alive? But that was never really you. You were in the music. You were in the air. And you sang about butterflies.


released September 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Count Your Lucky Stars Williamston, Michigan

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